Arrow Electronics 2019 CES Activation

Client: Arrow Electronics
Location: CES - Las Vegas
Type: Trade Show

Rubik returned in style to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s biggest tech conference! We were on-site with Arrow Electronics at Eureka Park, where hundreds of start-up companies were showcasing their cutting-edge products. The goal was to create a stunning showcase of all the tech products brought to market with Arrow and to highlight the full suite of services that Arrow provides to entrepreneurs as they set out to create, make and manage their technology. Guests entered an innovation wonderland filled with interactive games, demos, robots and more – all powered by Arrow – while tech pioneers went on our stage for an illuminating “Live from CES” broadcast. In the end, we welcomed more than 10,000 guests . . . and the first 10K received a free Arduino! Check out this video of Arrow at CES 2019 to experience it for yourself.

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services: Concept Development & Strategy, Conference Activation, Trade Booth Fabrication, Trade Booth Management