x-men fan experience pop-up

Client: 20th CENTURY FOX
Type: POP-UP  

In conjunction with the Toronto Film Festival, we worked with 20th Century Fox again to create an immersive fan experience to promote the DVD and digital release of X-Men at the Parkwood Estates (a famous location for many films).  

We were able to showcase real costumes and props from the film and took it a step further by creating interactive experiences for guests. We retrofitted one of the estate bathrooms so it appeared as though Cyclops destroyed it, which was coupled by a photobooth where fans could turn into Cyclops with their red eyes!  

The Cerebro Room was outfitted and allowed guests to try out a new mind play technology, which used brain waves to determine which scene of the film they could see next. Other experiences included featuring Jean Grey’s levitation super power and fans could also try their hand at archery (a deleted scene featured on the DVD).    

services: Pop-up, Event Design, Fabrication, Digital Integration, Press Event